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The Sun's Ransom is a poetic, tragic RPG where you play vampires determined to bring back the sun.

The world has gone dark and the mortals are consumed by the need for warmth, light and power. It is up to you, who do not need life or warmth or light or power, to ransom the sun, despite the cost. You must go against your vampiric nature and remember what brought Light and Joy to your mortal self. That is the blood-price for the sun.


The Sun's Ransom is a GMless roleplaying game (or RPG) where you take the role of vampires. You will roll large dice pools and do no more complex maths than counting sixes. You begin by collaboratively creating your world and the kinds of beings, mortal and vampire, fill it. Then you create your character by deciding who they were in life and who they have become in undeath. Narrative play proceeds in rounds, where one player is the active player and the rest help to construct and obstruct the vampire's efforts to complete a task that once brought them Light and Joy. Resolution is via a simple dice pool: beginning with as many dice as can cover the sun on the cover. As play continues and vampires succeed in their Light and Joy tasks, dice are removed from the face of the sun, diminishing the vampires' power. The game is over when all dice are removed, leaving the vampires vulnerable and scorched.

Recommended number of players is 2-6, and a game length of three or four hours can be expected. This game is designed to be played in its entirety in one session, but can be replayed with new characters and settings.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsausrpg, d6, dice-pool, GM-Less, Tabletop role-playing game, Vampire, zinequest


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